Noire NailBar at Oviedo - Best nail salon for people in FL 32765



Express Mani $20
Deluxe Herbal Mani $30
V.I.P Signature Mani $38
Gel Polish w/ Express Mani $35


All pedicures include foot soak, Nails and Cuticle Trim, Heel Scrub, Hot Towel, Lotion Massage, And Polish.
Enjoy a “Mimosa” with our Premium Pedicures.
Express Pedi $35

Include foot soak, nails and cuticle trim, heel scrub,  warm towel, lotion.

Classic Pedi $40

Express Pedi + Callus Removal + Flower Scented Hot Towel 

- Choice of Paraffin Wax Treatment or Hot Stones Massage. 

Citrus Deluxe $45

Extension of Classic Pedi + Citrus Sugar Scrub + Citrus Maske + Callus Removal + Flowers Scented Warm Towels.

- Choice of Paraffin Wax Treatment or Hot Stones Massage. 

O.P.I Tropical Paradise $50

Extension of Citrus Pedi + Sea Salt Soak + Parrafin Wax Treatment & Hot Stones Massage and finish off with Flower Scented Warm Towels. 

- Select your OPI Tropical Scents: Lavender,  Cucumber,  Citrus.

Milk & Honey $55

Submerge your feet in our moisturizing  Milk & Honey infusion. This natural process used the “lactic acid” found in dairy milk and soothen honey to soften those hard-working feet. 

Include Milk Bath Soak + Sugar Scrub + Maske + Callus Removal + Parrafin Wax Treatment & Hot Stones Massage and finish off with Scented Warm Towels. 

Organic Deluxe Pedi $55

Extension of Tropical Pedi +Sea Salt Soak+ Hot Stone Massages and finish off with Flowers Scented Warm Towels. 

Herbal Stress Relief $60

The Perfect Stress Relief pedicure begins by customizing your own ORGANIC HERBAL recipe, which includes an Aromatic Foot Bath, Exfoliating Herbal Scrubs, Mud Masque.  Relaxing your tired feet with Collagen Socks and Extended Hot Stone Massage.

Pina Cola $60

“ Nothing a Pina Colada can’t fix”

Immerse those lovely toes in our Pina Colada concoction with Tropical Fruits & Coconut Milk & Rum. Let yourself relax from a hard day at work. Include Coconut Sugar Scrub + Pina Colada Maske+ Callus Removal+  Hot Stones Massage + Parrafin Wax Treatment + Warm Towels.

CLEO Pedi Bomb Detox $62

Try our NEW Cleo Pedi Bomb Detox, formulated to absorb minerals & impurities from life routine. The process includes the use of Jojoba Bead Scrub for exfoliation and Collagen Mask treatment to rejuvenate the skin texture. Include Intensive Callus Removal + Hot Stones Massage + Paraffin wax Treatment & Warm Towels.

Select your Pedi Bomb Scents: Lavender, Papaya & Cucumber, Milk & Lemon, Pomegranate, Green Tea, Blackberry & Basil.

Coco No.5 Parfum $65

Base of Coco Chanel No5 Parfum. This pedicure is formulated to relieve stress with natural sea salt, sugars, and oils to boost the vibrancy of the skin. In addition, the creamy mask drew out the impurities and added Collagen Sock help maintain the skin's youthful beauty. Lastly, enjoy a take-home moisturizer to maintain skin softness.

Include Intensive Callus Removal + Hot Stones Massage + Paraffin Wax & Scented Warm Towels.

Volcano Eruption $72

A 5-Steps Detoxifying Pedi with "Bubbling & Fizzy" action. Relax & Rejuvenate with Exfoliating Sugar Scrub + Collagen Masque +Moisturizing Collagen Socks & Extended Hot Stones Massage to relax.

Noire V.I.P Fresh Jellycure $82

Our most luxurious pedicure service begins with your feet soaking in a scented Jelly Cure Treatment along with Fresh Fruit & Rose Flowers. Then, slowly relax yourself with a Free Sparkling Wine bottle of your choice. Extended massage with hot stones. Feel like a “MILLION BUCK”.

Gentleman $60

A Pedi is specially formulated for men with hardworking feet. An unforgettable sensual scent leaves the feet refreshed. Include Intensive Callus Treatment & Extended Hot Stones Massage + Paraffin Wax Treatment Scented Warm Towels.


Full Set

Reg Acrylic $40
White/American Tips $45
Pink & White Acrylic $60
Color Acrylic $55
Liquid Gel $65
Ombre Acrylic (2 Tones) $65
Gel X $70


Reg Acrylic $30
White/American Tips $35
Pink & White Acrylic $50
Color Acrylic $45
Liquid Gel $55
Ombre Acrylic (2 Tones) $60
Gel X $65


SNS Natural Dip $45
Pink & White Dip $55
Ombre Dip $60 & Up

(Upcharge for Tips Extension & Custom Shape)


Regular Polish Change Hands/Toes $15 / $17
Gel Polish Change Hands/Toes $25
French/American Tips with Services $5 UP
Nail Repair $8 UP
Acrylic Toes/Fill $7 / $5
Cuticle Trim $10
Gel Polish/Acrylic/SNS Removal Only $15
Custom Shapes/Shape Change $5
Nail Art Design $8 UP
2 Simple Nails Design
Custom Nails Design $15 +
Long Nails Length Charge Quoted
Acrylic/Dip/Gel Soak off Only $15

* 2cm & Up +$5

* 3cm & Up +$10

* 4cm & Up +Quoted


Strip Lashes $30
Cluster Lashes $45
Individual Lashes $100 +
6D Curl Collagen Lash $50
Color & Keratin $20


Eyebrows $25
Eyebrow + Wax $20
Eyelashes $35
Eyelashes Perm $35


Eyebrow $20
Lips $12
Chin $15 & Up
Full Face $45


30 Mins Foot Massage $45
60 Mins Foot Massage $75


Eyebrows $400
Eyeliners $200
Retouch (12-24 Months) $200
Lip Liner $250
Full Clip Color $425
(6-12 Months) $150
(24-36 Months) $249


(Only Used Dermological)
Express Pro Skin $40

An express but thorough treatment, great for those on the go. Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, massagéd, leaving you totally refreshed and renewed. (30 mins)

Clinical Acne Treatment $89

Your acne-prone skin requires special care. This treatment is designed to calm and correct acne prone-skin. Strongly recommend for teen (1 Hr)

Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment $80

An effective treatment for congested pores, designed to reduce oil while hydrating the skin. (1hr) 

NOIRE V.I.P Facial $99

This deep pore cleansing facial will be customized to suit your skin-specific need. Your skin will be exfoliated and your pores will be gently extracted. A relaxing massage will be performed and the appropriate mask and cream will be applied.


Manicure $12
Pedicure $22
Polish Change Hands/Toes $8


Eyebrows $12
Lip $8
Back $45
Behind $35
Bikini For Her $30
Brazilian For Her $70
Cheeks $15
Chest $45
Chin $10
Ears $18
Feet $15
Full Arms $40
Full Face $40
Full Legs $60
Half Legs $25
Hands $15
Nose $10
Stomach $20
Underarms $20
Upper Legs $40


White Wine
Red Wine
Vietnamese Coffee